Our Private Barrel of High West Whisky has arrived!!

A few months ago we were able to sample the contents of several barrels of special reserve whiskies from High West.  We chose Barrel 913 and bought the whole thing!  


Barrel 913 produced 210 bottles of Cask Strength whiskey (105.8 proof in this case) of a Double Rye Blend that was aged an extra 2.5 years in Bourbon barrels. We are the only place you will ever be able to by this magical elixir since we bought every drop.  Only $59.99 per bottle. 






Arbeg Supernova explodes on the scene...

Ardbeg Supernova 2014 / SN2014 / Committee Release has arrived.
750ml / 110 proof


The first edition was the peatiest Ardbeg ever, over 100ppm peat, and this new release matches that mark. Huge smokey aroma with a fantastic backbone of fruit and sweetness is the hallmark of this dram.

Distillery Tasting Notes:

Aroma: Intense zestiness of smoked lemons and pears, lemongrass and pine needles, embedded in a deep, resinuous, sticky waxy base.
Taste: Distinctively peppery, spicy and electric. Powerful peppermint, antiseptic lozenges and other familiar, medicinal tones. Dark, dark birch tar intermingles with spicy-sweet chilli flavoured chocolate, while the entire mouth and palate are coated in luscious linseed oil.
Finish: Rich flavours of tar, creosote, briar wood, spicy tobacco and liquorice root.

From the press relase

“Supernova will commemorate the return of Ardbeg’s pioneering research experiment in space, the launch coinciding with the date a vial of Ardbeg spirit will re-enter the earth’s atmosphere after nearly three years orbiting the globe aboard the International Space Station.   Having blasted off from earth in 2011, the spirit, from the island of Islay in Scotland, has been on a galactic journey – one destined to change the whisky industry forever!  Specially designed for the mission, a vial of Ardbeg has been orbiting the earth’s atmosphere at 17,227 miles per hour, 15 times a day for 1,045 days.
At the same time an identical vial has had a slightly easier journey, having been housed at Warehouse 3 at the Ardbeg Distillery on Islay to act as a control sample.
Now the two samples will be reunited in a laboratory in Houston, Texas to allow scientists to decipher the impact gravity has on the whisky maturation process. Scientists will compare the two samples, examining the interaction of the Ardbeg-crafted molecules with charred oak to document what differences occur between earth whisky and space whisky.”
This whisky is highly allocated and we don't forsee having it on the shelves for long.  $189.99 per bottle, limit one per person.

Orin Swift Machete is in stock!

Petite Sirah may be winemaker Dave Phinney's favorite grape varietal and wine. He has been growing and making it since the 2000 vintage. Massive and powerful with intense color and structure, a limited release Petite Sirah blend called "Machete" was launched in 2009. Declassified in 2010 and 2011, it has been reintroduced with new packaging for the highly praised 2012 vintage. The label concept has been two years in the making, and is decidedly unique in its various formats. 
In the glass, deep, dark bluish-red hues can be seen with a band of ruby on the rim. Uplifted aromatics of ripe blackberries, mulled raspberries, acacia flowers, toasty oak, and herbal notes hit the nose in a pronounced way. Offering up robust flavors during the approach, the mid palate is exposed to an unadulterated array of crushed berries, dark chocolate, black fruits, and a tinge of creamy espresso. Finishing with principle, the glossy tannins are in alignment for immediate enjoyment or some time in the cellar too. 
Petite Sirah, Syrah, and Grenache 
Aged for 10 months in French Oak, 40% new 
12 bottles per case, 12 different lables.  $54.99 each



Ardbeg Day 2014 Limited Release is here!

Skilful newcomer Ardbeg Auriverdes is the newest talent to emerge from premier distillery Ardbeg. Distilled with equal measures of both skill and passion, all eyes will be on Ardbeg Auriverdes – named after its golden whisky (auri), and unmistakable green bottle (verde) – when it makes its debut on Ardbeg Day on 31st May.

There’s talk of the new signing being a bit of a hot head, thanks to its toasted cask lids. So is Manager Mickey Heads worried?

“There’s no smoke without fire, but I’m confident its creamy vanilla sweetness will tame its dark mocha coffee side,” said Mickey. “Anyhow, a bit of fire in the belly is no bad thing.” He added.


No doubt the Ardbeg Committee agree. So what will the fans make of the new bottling in the Ardbeg line up? If past signings are anything to go by, Auriverdes is bound to strike a chord and get the fans roaring. A superb performance is virtually guaranteed.



Ardbeg's Tasting notes:

Aroma: Tarry and herbal notes with hints of mocha

Taste: Coffee grounds pass to smoked root vegetables, while maple-cured bacon collides with hot-smoked salmon

Finish: A lingering, smoky vanilla note


Goes on sale May 31, limit 2 bottles per customer. Only $109.99 per 750ml! 


JW Odyssey™ arrives in Florida

 This is special Blended Malt release from John Walker and Sons made from only three single malts bottled at 80 proof.  Only 800 of these wonderful whiskies were made.   Odyssey plays on a nautical theme as did Johnnie Walker Swing. Packaged in a crystal decanter which rotates 360 degrees allows the bottle to remain upright at all times as you sail the high seas.

We have one of only ten bottles available in Florida, only $999.99


From the review:

On the nose, Odyssey is a nice blend of orange, honey, caramel, and clove spice with a touch of salt. It has the character of a spiced cake. The entry has a nice round mouth feel with subtle flavors from the nose including the orange, honey, caramel, and salt. Odyssey isn’t a particularly bold or assertive whisky, which is very much in line with the Johnnie Walker style. In the midpalate the whisky turns its focus to warm baking spices like clove, nutmeg, and ginger which are well balanced by the rich honey and caramel undertones. The spice flavors are full but not overly strong. It’s in the midpalate where Odyssey shows its age, with a very slight touch of rancio. The finish is surprisingly dry, much more so than we would expect, showing that Johnnie Walker used a younger malt in the mix to balance out older malt.