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JW Odyssey™ arrives in Florida

 This is special Blended Malt release from John Walker and Sons made from only three single malts bottled at 80 proof.  Only 800 of these wonderful whiskies were made.   Odyssey plays on a nautical theme as did Johnnie Walker Swing. Packaged in a crystal decanter which rotates 360 degrees allows the bottle to remain upright at all times as you sail the high seas.

We have one of only ten bottles available in Florida, only $999.99


From the Drinkspirits.com review:

On the nose, Odyssey is a nice blend of orange, honey, caramel, and clove spice with a touch of salt. It has the character of a spiced cake. The entry has a nice round mouth feel with subtle flavors from the nose including the orange, honey, caramel, and salt. Odyssey isn’t a particularly bold or assertive whisky, which is very much in line with the Johnnie Walker style. In the midpalate the whisky turns its focus to warm baking spices like clove, nutmeg, and ginger which are well balanced by the rich honey and caramel undertones. The spice flavors are full but not overly strong. It’s in the midpalate where Odyssey shows its age, with a very slight touch of rancio. The finish is surprisingly dry, much more so than we would expect, showing that Johnnie Walker used a younger malt in the mix to balance out older malt.

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