Start a Rebellion!

Rebellion Bourbon is a 6 year old, 94 proof Bourbon distilled in a copper still and aged in oak from a mash bill of 70% corn and 30% small grains, such as rye and barley. Sweet notes of honey are followed by smokey, oaky nuances making this a smooth, easy-drinking Bourbon.

A small batch production consisting of 5640 bottles, every one of which is hand numbered.

History has a way of repeating itself. And when you're presented with conditions that can no longer be tolerated, it's not only your right but your duty to stand up and do something about it. So stop drinking sub-par bourbons. Join the rebellion for just $32.99!


Crystal Head Vodka and the Rolling Stones!

Universal Music Canada, the country’s leading Music Company and Crystal Head Vodka, the bestselling, ultra-premium vodka founded by Dan Aykroyd, have joined forces with The Rolling Stones, the Greatest Rock 'n' Roll Band in the World, to create an exclusive, limited edition Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary Gift Set. The announcement was made today by Aykroyd and Universal Music Canada President & CEO, Randy Lennox.

Crystal Head Vodka—the multi-award-winning Canadian vodka—has just been named the exclusive and official vodka of The Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary. "It is a huge honor and recognition of our high quality product to have Crystal Head designated as the officially authorized vodka for the Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary Worldwide celebration. Together with Bravado, the band’s licensing company, we have created the ultimate gift package for Stones fans and their families. There has never been a greater Father’s Day gift, Halloween decoration or Christmas present. Anybody who loves the Stones or great vodka—and pretty much everyone I know loves both—will be all over this,” said Dan Aykroyd.

    Included in this highly collectible gift set: 

  • Stunning handcrafted display case featuring a real zipper—recalling the legendary Sticky Fingers album cover
  • Bottle of Crystal Head Vodka
  • 2-CD compilation of live Rolling Stones hits—not available for sale anywhere else
  • Crystal bottle decanter top—engraved with The Rolling Stones iconic lip-and-tongue logo
  • Bottle tattoo—featuring the 50th anniversary logo

“The Rolling Stones and Crystal Head Vodka are two iconic brands and we’re thrilled to be partnering with both in this, the Stones’ 50th year,” commented Lennox. “The Stones are the greatest rock ’n’ roll band of all-time and Crystal Head Vodka a leader in the spirit world with the synergies between the two brands endless. We are excited to be working alongside Dan and his creative teams to bring this wonderful partnership to the fans.”

This is an extremely collectible and limited product, available with us for just $89.99!


No Tricks This Time...Loki Has Arrived!

We're happy to announce that Loki is finally here! No, not this Loki: 

We're talking about the second offering from Highland Park's Valhalla Collection. This one:

Highland Park Loki, a 15 year old limited edition single malt bottled at 48.7% abv, comes housed in the same unique and award winning wooden frame as Thor, echoing the fearsome contours of a traditional Viking long ship.

Loki is the second in The Valhalla Collection of four unique whiskies from Highland Park, taking inspiration from the legendary Nordic gods of old and continues the ground-breaking achievement of creating Thor – a 16 year old malt actually designed around the personality traits of an individual. The Orkney whisky maker has now created a unique flavour profile for its follow up. While unquestionably Highland Park, this time it mirrors the unpredictable, shape-shifting LOKI character and as with the trickster god of fire himself, all is not as it seems.

There are classic traces of sweetness and spice, but it has been matured in both traditional Spanish sherry casks and also some heavily peated casks, giving it a smoky punch, while retaining a light colour. The finish is intriguing and complex. It is a whisky constantly changing, chameleon-like, from appearance to finish and the few lucky and expert palates who have savoured it describe it as “enigmatic” and “truly another whisky of the Gods.”


A spirited lift of dried bitter orange which quickly turns into lemon peels. Cardamom notes trick then tease the nose, before an enticing hit of gingerbread develops. With water, liquorice and aromatic smoke are both unleashed.
The true shape-shifting ability of Loki springs to life on the palate: its waxy texture is amplified by an intense smoke that doesn't appear on the nose, shattering the light citrusy illusion of the aroma. All is not what it seems. The smoke fades as liquorice and rich spiced apple flavours come out to play. Lemon and grapefruit are consistent throughout this elusive, yet intriguing character. With a touch of water, lingering notes of melted dark chocolate over spent embers leave a soft smoky impression.
As Loki departs, he leaves behind toasted cloves, hickory smoke and soft vanilla. It is constantly changing, from appearance to finish. Loki is an enigma and truly another whisky of the gods.


This is an extremely limited release of only 21,000 bottles worldwide. We're the first store in South Florida to get it in, and at $249.99, this trickster will be gone in a flash.



New Beers just in!

New beers in today! We've got Lagunitas IPA, Maximus IPA, and Little Sumpin' Sumpin', Bass IPA, and Red Hook Wise Cracker Wit!




SnoBar Cocktails: Ice Ice Baby!

Yes, you read that caption right: alcoholic ice cream! We're happy to announce that SnoBar Cocktails have arrived! These delectable treats come in ice cream and ice pops, each serving infused with a cocktail's worth of alcohol!

The ice-pops come in three flavors: Margarita, Mojito and Cosmopolitan. The Margarita ice-pop is made with premium tequila, lime and triple sec; Mojito is made with premium rum and mint; the Cosmopolitan ice-pop is made with premium vodka, triple sec and cranberry.

The ice cream is available in Grasshopper, Pink Squirrel and Brandy Alexander with Chocolate Chips. The Grasshopper includes all of the traditional ingredients of brandy, creme de menthe and creme de cacao; the Pink Squirrel includes brandy, almond liquer and creme de cacao; the Brandy Alexander with Chocolate Chips includes brandy, creme de cacao and chocolate chips.

Perfect for the hot Florida summer, check the store news page or our Facebook page for complimentary tastings in the very near future!