Kirk and Sweeny 12 Year Old Rum

35 Maple Street has announced the release of Kirk and Sweeney Rum, a handcrafted, 12-year-old premium liquor. Kirk and Sweeney becomes the third spirit introduced by 35 Maple Street as it continues to expand its niche in the growing cocktail movement, which has spawned a “gold rush” of cocktail bars and underground speakeasies in urban areas across America over the past five years.

“Kirk and Sweeney was the name of a wooden schooner that was best known for smuggling rum from the Caribbean to the Northeast United States during Prohibition,” said August Sebastiani, 35 Maple Street president. “There’s a historical bent for each of our spirits, so we thought naming the rum after Kirk and Sweeney was appropriate.”

The rum is made in the Dominican Republic and aged for 12 years in American oak barrels. This deep mahogany colored rum presents 
a sweet aroma balanced heavily toward cane honey, with earthy sugar cane undertones, along with a hint of vanilla, luscious toasted oak, caramel and dried fruits. Initial taste reveals a nectar-sweet quality, leading to a weightier body that indicates substantially aged rum that’s serious in character but not overbearing. Light notes of vanilla and wood hit the palate transforming into an incredibly smooth offering.

No need to be a scofflaw or pirate to get this spirit- get it here for $29.99!



The Newest Glenmorangie Private Edition Is Here!

Glenmorangie is proud to announce the launch of Glenmorangie Ealanta, the latest addition to its award winning Private Edition range. Scots Gaelic for "skilled and ingenious," Ealanta is a 19 Years Old Glenmorangie, matured exclusively in virgin American white oak casks from the Mark Twain National Forest in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri.

Glenmorangie Ealanta has a soft toffee and butterscotch aroma, followed by vanilla and a curious strong hint of stewed fruits with a hallmark Glenmorangie top note of menthol. On the palate, candied orange peel, sugar coated almonds and sweet vanilla are to the fore, wrapped in an unusual nuttiness reminiscent of Brazil nuts in toffee. The finish is long with virgin oak derived spices such as clove, ginger and a hint of aniseed. 

"The superior quality of our whisky comes from the great yet unseen lengths that we go to in crafting our precious spirit. Traversing continents in search of the finest wood for our casks is a true illustration of our commitment to quality," said Brian Cox , Vice President of Glenmorangie, U.S. "Dr. Lumsden and his team's uncompromising attention to detail has produced an exceptional body of tastes that will surely please even the most ardent whisky connoisseur."

Glenmorangie Ealanta is bottled at a strength of 46% and is non chill-filtered for extra texture and mouth feel. It will be available in limited quantities as only 1,500 cases have been made available for the US market.

Of course you knew that we would be getting our fair share of that, and each perfect bottle is only $129.99. 


Spanish Wines Are On Fire

In the tradition of starting off the New Year with a bang, we'd like to start the year off with a bit of fire- Garnacha de Fuego, to be precise! This deep wine from Jorge Ordonez and Co. is a fantastic value, scored at 92 points from Robert Parker. His review in full:

"The 2011 Garnacha de Fuego, a 100% Grenache cuvee, was aged in both stainless steel and neutral French oak. This amazing wine boasts a dark ruby/purple color along with a sweet kiss of jammy black cherries intertwined with crushed rock notes that give the wine an undeniable minerality. As it hits the palate, a full-bodied, voluptuous texture takes hold and the flavor profile moves towards blacker fruits (ripe raspberries and black currants) intermixed with camphor and forest floor. This full-bodied, rich, glycerin-filled effort should drink well for 4-5 years, perhaps longer."

All that for a mere $9.99. How can you go wrong?


Lagavulin 21 Year Old Limited Edition

Only six bottles of this rare spirit have been allocated for retail in the state of Florida this year! Guess who has them?  

This extremely limited edition 21 year old bottling is matured in first fill ex-sherry European oak casks filled in 1991. This has had quite a bit of buzz about it and we expect it to live up to the pedigree.

Appearance: Deep, rich amber. Good beading.
Nose: Immediate raisin fruit and behind it, smoke from a recently lit fire or the inside of a Tudor chimney: damp yet welcoming. Linseed oil, wax crayon, pine resin? After this, soft fruits slowly appear (redcurrants, elderberries, over-ripe red apples) and the aromas grow richer and sweeter, with creamy butter and caramel. Finally, faint old smoke and damp, country churches. Dry overall, even with a little water, which brings subtlety; lemonade and marzipan, and finally spent matches and wood-ash, in a now-cold hearth.
Body: Medium to full. Lighter with water.
Palate: Initially hesitant, then full, cooling, sweet. Easy to drink at natural strength; smooth, rich and full-bodied. Sweet and tonguecoating, with rich bitter-sweet molasses, treacle toffee and toffee apples. Growing warmth and dryness, becoming woody and nutty, with more butter and bitter chocolate, before faint hints of a more savoury character. With water, calmer, creamier and sweeter in the mouth, with vanilla and beeswax.
Finish: Complex and deep. Fabulous charred oak and fresh oak smoke. Finally sweet; perhaps baked apples, with creamy coffee and salted caramels.




Wodka Vodka!

First Impression: Alcohol and grain. At first pass you get some esters, then they very quickly pass and you can smell the graininess of rye and almost anticipate the body of the vodka by its depth.

Taste: Tasted at room temperature it is a touch raw - but few people drink it that way. But it displays a nice grain character. Not as minerally as Russian styles of vodka, this Polish rye will appeal to people who want lots of rye flavor with a minimum of mineral distraction. Oily body and warmth/burn when you toss it down lets you know you are drinking something.

Just $9.99! This stuff is great even at twice this price. Loads of trashy fun can be found at their website, but it may be NSFW!