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Reservoir Whiskey

Reservoir Distillery handcrafts single run, small batch whiskies that are aged and bottled in Richmond, VA. Reservoir uses only the finest quality grains to produce its signature bourbon, wheat, and rye whiskies. Reservoir Bourbon is a true southern classic made with a heavy corn mashbill that produces a sweet, smooth and bright profile. The traditional whiskey drinker will be right at home enjoying this spirit. Reservoir Wheat Whiskey is an off the run spirit made with a heavy wheat mashbill that produces an extraordinarily smooth profile that is savory to the palate. A great introductory whiskey that is easy to drink for those that are not accustomed to brown spirits. Finally, we have the Reservoir Rye Whiskey, a classic American whiskey that is currently experiencing a significant renaissance due to the microdistillery movement. Our rye is best described as an "adult swim" whiskey. Strong and sharp on the palate, the rye grain shows through strongly.

Each of these truly exceptional whiskies run $94.99 for 750mL and are truly worth every penny. These whiskies are very limited in production, and the utmost care goes into crafting each expression.


Winter Wonderland?

Well, living in South Florida, it can be tricky to tell when Summer ends and Autumn begins! We never have a hard time here at Fine Spirits, though, because our seasonal goodies always let us know- and it must be getting pretty darn close to the holiday season, because we've just gotten in our Autumnal staples!

First is a newcomer this year- Evan Williams Apple Orchard ($11.99), a seasonal and limited dram that's sure to chase away those chills (when we get them, that is!).

Evan Williams Apple Orchard Seasonal Liqueur will only be available to during the fall months of September through November. Once shipments are gone, no more will be made available until the next fall season. Because it contains real apple cider, it should be refrigerated after opening, and shaken well before being poured.


Also from Evan Williams is their standout Egg Nog ($7.99), a beloved holiday treat we always sell out of! This year, forego the homemade version and try Evan Williams’ own holiday concoction, a traditional southern-style eggnog blended with seven-year-old Kentucky Straight Bourbon.

Eggnog fans will appreciate the velvety custard flavor and subtle winter aromas of cinnamon and nutmeg, but more importantly, whiskey lovers will appreciate the taste of Evan Williams bourbon, whose toasty vanilla and caramel flavors leave a light, spicy finish. Be sure to chill the bottle well, however, as warm eggnog amplifies the taste of alcohol and detracts from its other flavors. Serve alone or garnished with a cinnamon stick.

 Adding to the holiday cheer is Fulton's Harvest Pumpkin Pie Cream Liqueur ($13.99). Introduced last year, this lush, creamy, all-natural liqueur is the first-ever pumpkin pie cream liqueur and is immediately reminiscent of homemade pumpkin pie complete with the flavors of rich vanilla, brown sugar and spices. It is best served chilled or on ice, as well as in coffee and in a variety of cream-based cocktails.



Jefferson's Bourbons


We've just received some very special selections of Jefferson's Bourbons- Very Small Batch, 10 Year Rye, and their Reserve! What makes these bourbons so special, you ask? Single barrel bourbons were reintroduced in the early 1980s. Master distillers would pick the best barrels of whisky to be bottled separately and sold as a single barrel bottling. In making small batch bourbons, 200-300 barrels are picked to be mingled and then bottled. Borrowing the best from both worlds for their "Very Small Batch" bourbons, McLain & Kyne marries a mere 8-12 barrels of various ages to produce the best tasting bourbon possible, while ensuring the complexity and consistency you expect and deserve.

Jefferson's Very Small Batch Bourbon ($29.99) has been aged in the heart of metal clad warehouses to accentuate the extreme temperatures that Kentucky is blessed with, forcing the bourbon to expand deep into the barrel and pull out the prevalent flavors of the wood. These flavors of vanilla, caramel and assorted fruits assure an incredibly smooth taste and finish.

Jefferson's 10 Year Rye ($37.99) is the latest addition to the Jefferson’s Presidential Collection. Bottled at 94 proof, this 10-year-old whiskey offers a perfect combination of age, purity and strength. Distilled from 100% North American rye, it is rich, spicy and exceptionally smooth.

Jefferson's Reserve (47.99) is complex, elegant and sophisticated. Jefferson’s Reserve is allowed to age slowly and reach maturity naturally. The whisky has a medium-weight, velvety textured body and a dry, robust palate, one that quickly fills the mouth with the engaging flavors of roasted corn, caramel, toffee and oak.


Jefferson's Presidential Select 18

It's finally here!

McLain & Kyne, the company responsible for creating and bottling Jefferson's Reserve, believe that bourbon is the true spirit of America. They embrace this philosophy by utilizing indigenous grains (corn, malted barley, and rye) and the clean, crisp limestone water of Kentucky to produce their quality whiskies.

This limited edition, eighteen year old bourbon was created at the old Stitzel-Weller distillery in Louisville. A robust nose of vanilla, apple and caramel leads to a full, balanced palate with notes of toffee, cinnamon and leather. A touch of polished oak appears on the long, rounded finish.

At $84.99, this won't last very long!


New Arrivals

We have new arrivals in the Tequila, Scotch Whisky, and Bourbon Whiskey departments:


1800 Essential Artist Series 3 Bottles are now in stock:



Tanteo infused Tequilas are triple distilled 100% Agave silver tequila infused with the essence of Mexico!

 We carry all three infusions:

Cocoa is made with light, medium and dark roast cocoa beans for a rich, unsweetened chocolate infusion that is perfect after dinner with a maduro cigar.

Jalapeño adds just the right amount of fire to this smooth, smokey silver tequila.  Perfect for adding excitement to boring old Margaritas.

Tropical is made with all-natural extracts of mango, pineapple, and guanabana (and just a kiss of jalepeño to balance the sweetness of the fruit.)







Compass Box Whisky Company just released a beautiful gift box containing 50ml samples of their Signature Range! Click on the picture below to watch a series of short videos about the whiskies included in the set. 



Choosing the finest single malts and single grains from top distilleries, all aged in the highest quality oak casks, John Glaser creates small-batch whiskies with elegant richness, balance and purity across a spectrum of styles. Compass Box is a four-time Whisky Magazine ‘Innovator of the Year’ and has won over

60 medals and awards since 2000.

This delicious overview of Compass Box features a 5cl serving of each of their signature expressions: the fine, soft, fruity Asyla blend; the smooth, complex Highland malt Oak Cross; the rich, powerful, spicy Spice Tree; the peaty, subtly erudite Peat Monster; and their groundbreaking 100% grain whisky, Hedonism. 







We waited for over 9 months, and finally, Eagle Rare 17 year old is here!



If you like a bolder, spicier American whiskey, then the Eagle Rare 17 is definitely for you. It’s not easy to find, and since it’s a limited edition release, it sells out quickly.


The previous edition of this bourbon was honored with a Gold Medal at the 2011 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. The 2011 edition was distilled in the Spring of 1993 and has been aging on the 2nd, 3rd and 6th floors of Warehouses I and K.  After 18 years and 7 months of aging under its belt, it brings to the table notes of leather, vanilla and tobacco.