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The Peat Project

This multi-vintage Port Charlotte cuvee has been created by master distiller Jim McEwan to showcase the supreme elegance of this heavily-peated Port Charlotte spirit. While peated to a very serious 40PPM, Port Charlotte shares the wonderful poise and sophistication of its sister Bruichladdich spirit, while delivering its peat with none of the medicinal flavors that so often dominate coastal peated spirit.

The Power of Peat with elegance, complexity and the floral topnotes for which our Bruichladdich stills are famous.

The whisky is manually distilled from 100% Scottish barley, using the original19th century copper equipment and pre-industrial techniques. Matured beside the Atlantic, the marine-influenced whisky is naturally bottled in Islay's only bottling hall -— uniquely from Islay spring water from Gneiss (the oldest rocks in the whisky world) without the industrial processes of chill-filtration or artificial coloring.


Tasting Notes

A peat smokiness with vanilla sweetness, followed by spicy black pepper & lemon spice on the nose.
Brilliant creaminess, the layer upon layer of texture imparts an evenness of flavor across the palate. The finish is an extraordinary mix of sweet vanilla and peat smoke, with green fruit syrup. It lingers long and mellow, giving total satisfaction.

There is only a tiny allocation of Port Charlotte Scotches imported into the state of Florida.  This is sure to run out quickly at $59.99!


Bruichladdich The Organic

This release is a multi-vintage vatting in which Jim McEwan has brought together the finest organic barley from Bruichladdich's partners and farmers, and was awarded three stars and "Exceptional" status by the tasters of the prestigious Gault Millau and Michelin Superior Taste awards- the only spirit to be so recognized in 2011. 

The Organic is an elegant, composed and stylishly vibrant spirit that showcases the absolute finesse, purity definition and elegance of organically grown barley. With the color of late summer barley, the nose opens on a light almond note with a twist of candied lemon. This is followed by the aromatics of toasted barley, floral and fruit notes with a hint of lemon honey.  The texture is sensational, the spirit gliding over the palate like warm syrup. It presents real sweetness on the front palate, barley sugar, honey almonds, green jelly beans, pear drops all splashed with fresh lemons and balanced by the crispness of malted barley.

All that for $74.99- perfect for a sultry Florida evening!



Bruichladdich The Laddie 10

We couldn't say it any better than Whiskey Advocate reviewer John Hansell, so we won't try:

"This is the first 10 year old distilled by the current owners of the Bruichladdich distillery back in 2001. A lovely marriage of both bourbon and sherry casks, it is quite fresh, with a maturity resembling a 12 year old rather than 10. Smooth on the palate and very drinkable, with creamy vanilla, honeycomb, banana bread, bright lemon, melon (honeydew, cantaloupe), tangerine, candied ginger, and a delicate hint of brine. With all the Bruichladdich razzle-dazzle over the past decade, we can embrace this unpretentiously delicious Laddie with open arms." 

This spirit earned a score of 90 from Whiskey Advocate and is available from us for $56.99.