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Single-Vineyard Pinot Noir from Davis Bynum!

Russian River Valley Pinot Noir expresses itself differently depending on location, site specifics, and the nature of the vines themselves. Jane's Vineyard is in the golden triangle of the "Santa Rosa plain" region of the valley, just southwest of Windsor and centered on the intersection of Olivet and River roads. This small area tends to enjoy the very best of the iconic local climate; never too hot during the day, and consistently chilly at night. Jane's Vineyard shows superior vine balance thanks to its well-drained, shallow and inherently low vigor soils. Finally, I choose a selection of Pinot “clones” to enhance complexity, while keeping to the food friendly flavor profile that has always been a hallmark of Davis Bynum: a little lighter, without being lean; a little crisper, without being tart; a little more fruit driven, without being distracting; with a round, soft mouthfeel.

$26.99 brings home this lovely bottle!


Mercy Pinot Noir




This small-lot wine is loaded with fruit. Redolent of red and black wild berry aromas, the wine has an innate rustic and earthy quality. On the palate this wine shows a great red berry core along with ideal balance between the velvety tannins and firm acidity.

If that isn't enough to whet your palate, the Wine Enthusiast magazine cheers:

 "An absolutely delicious Pinot Noir. Hard to exaggerate the drinkability factor. Supremely ripe cherry and raspberry fruit is highlighted by brilliantly crisp acidity to make it all bright and lively. Oak plays second fiddle, contributing rich, tasteful notes of smoke, vanilla and buttered cinnamon toast. Just gorgeous for drinking now and for the next 5-6 years with your best fare."

Only 320 cases made!

94 points from Wine Enthusiast, and only $29.99 in our shop.