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The Peat Project

This multi-vintage Port Charlotte cuvee has been created by master distiller Jim McEwan to showcase the supreme elegance of this heavily-peated Port Charlotte spirit. While peated to a very serious 40PPM, Port Charlotte shares the wonderful poise and sophistication of its sister Bruichladdich spirit, while delivering its peat with none of the medicinal flavors that so often dominate coastal peated spirit.

The Power of Peat with elegance, complexity and the floral topnotes for which our Bruichladdich stills are famous.

The whisky is manually distilled from 100% Scottish barley, using the original19th century copper equipment and pre-industrial techniques. Matured beside the Atlantic, the marine-influenced whisky is naturally bottled in Islay's only bottling hall -— uniquely from Islay spring water from Gneiss (the oldest rocks in the whisky world) without the industrial processes of chill-filtration or artificial coloring.


Tasting Notes

A peat smokiness with vanilla sweetness, followed by spicy black pepper & lemon spice on the nose.
Brilliant creaminess, the layer upon layer of texture imparts an evenness of flavor across the palate. The finish is an extraordinary mix of sweet vanilla and peat smoke, with green fruit syrup. It lingers long and mellow, giving total satisfaction.

There is only a tiny allocation of Port Charlotte Scotches imported into the state of Florida.  This is sure to run out quickly at $59.99!


The Newest Glenmorangie Private Edition Is Here!

Glenmorangie is proud to announce the launch of Glenmorangie Ealanta, the latest addition to its award winning Private Edition range. Scots Gaelic for "skilled and ingenious," Ealanta is a 19 Years Old Glenmorangie, matured exclusively in virgin American white oak casks from the Mark Twain National Forest in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri.

Glenmorangie Ealanta has a soft toffee and butterscotch aroma, followed by vanilla and a curious strong hint of stewed fruits with a hallmark Glenmorangie top note of menthol. On the palate, candied orange peel, sugar coated almonds and sweet vanilla are to the fore, wrapped in an unusual nuttiness reminiscent of Brazil nuts in toffee. The finish is long with virgin oak derived spices such as clove, ginger and a hint of aniseed. 

"The superior quality of our whisky comes from the great yet unseen lengths that we go to in crafting our precious spirit. Traversing continents in search of the finest wood for our casks is a true illustration of our commitment to quality," said Brian Cox , Vice President of Glenmorangie, U.S. "Dr. Lumsden and his team's uncompromising attention to detail has produced an exceptional body of tastes that will surely please even the most ardent whisky connoisseur."

Glenmorangie Ealanta is bottled at a strength of 46% and is non chill-filtered for extra texture and mouth feel. It will be available in limited quantities as only 1,500 cases have been made available for the US market.

Of course you knew that we would be getting our fair share of that, and each perfect bottle is only $129.99. 


Crown Royal Maple

The legendary taste of Crown Royal with a touch of natural maple flavor. The Crown Royal master blender finished this celebrated whisky with maple-toasted oak to yield a uniquely smooth experience. 

It’s a perfect blend of Crown Royal's signature caramel and vanilla nose with the elegant aromas of light, fresh maple that creates a flavor profile that finishes on an authentically warm and woody note. Whisky Started, Maple Finished. Try in a Crown and Coke for a delicious twist!

Available in both 750mL and 1.75L sizes, this is the perfect post-turkey treat!


Port Charlotte "An Turas Mor" finally available in Florida!

An Turas Mor is the latest release from Bruichladdich’s Port Charlotte line of Scotch malt whisky, one of two alternative brands produced by the distillery. Unlike previous releases of Port Charlotte, An Turas Mor is a “multi-vintage” release. And, also unlike previous Port Charlotte releases, An Turas Mor is bottled at 46% rather than at cask strength.

The nose is spectacularly coastal, much like diving into fresh (rather than stale) salt water. There are big, beautiful notes of sea air, gentle peat, vanilla, applewood smoked cheddar, and tar.

On the palate, it is again briskly coastal, as if one has taken a gulp of light, crisp, fresh salt water. There is also marshmallow, vanilla, iodine, tar, and olive brine. The finish imparts a considerable bourbon cask influence along with smoked cheddar. All in all, it is a uniquely refreshing experience. Come pick up your bottle for $56.99.





Jefferson's Bourbons


We've just received some very special selections of Jefferson's Bourbons- Very Small Batch, 10 Year Rye, and their Reserve! What makes these bourbons so special, you ask? Single barrel bourbons were reintroduced in the early 1980s. Master distillers would pick the best barrels of whisky to be bottled separately and sold as a single barrel bottling. In making small batch bourbons, 200-300 barrels are picked to be mingled and then bottled. Borrowing the best from both worlds for their "Very Small Batch" bourbons, McLain & Kyne marries a mere 8-12 barrels of various ages to produce the best tasting bourbon possible, while ensuring the complexity and consistency you expect and deserve.

Jefferson's Very Small Batch Bourbon ($29.99) has been aged in the heart of metal clad warehouses to accentuate the extreme temperatures that Kentucky is blessed with, forcing the bourbon to expand deep into the barrel and pull out the prevalent flavors of the wood. These flavors of vanilla, caramel and assorted fruits assure an incredibly smooth taste and finish.

Jefferson's 10 Year Rye ($37.99) is the latest addition to the Jefferson’s Presidential Collection. Bottled at 94 proof, this 10-year-old whiskey offers a perfect combination of age, purity and strength. Distilled from 100% North American rye, it is rich, spicy and exceptionally smooth.

Jefferson's Reserve (47.99) is complex, elegant and sophisticated. Jefferson’s Reserve is allowed to age slowly and reach maturity naturally. The whisky has a medium-weight, velvety textured body and a dry, robust palate, one that quickly fills the mouth with the engaging flavors of roasted corn, caramel, toffee and oak.